Passion for logistics and travel
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Passion for logistics and travel

VCK Group with Amsterdam roots operates in logistics and travel and stands for quality and personalized service with a focus on continuous process improvement. The group’s operations are split up into three divisions: VCK Port Logistics, VCK Travel and VCK Cruises. We target the business market primarily, operating globally in various market segments.

VCK Port Logistics

Specializes in logistics for transshipment, distribution and warehousing.

VCK Travel

Specializes in business travel, marine travel and government travel as well as corporate events.

VCK Cruises

Specialized partner in finding the perfect cruise vacation

What binds both divisions is the ultimate goal to contribute to quality improvement, handling and reduced operational costs on behalf of our customers. The VCK Port LogisticsVCK Travel and VCK Cruises websites describe in detail how exactly the divisions achieve this.

With its proven innovative services, the group has achieved a leading position in these markets. We are proud of our long-term customer relationships.