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VCK company founded in 1915

In 1915, the Verenigd Cargadoorskantoor (VCK) emerged from a collaboration between the companies of Wed. Jan Salm & Meijer (1763) and B.J. van Hengel (1819). The result was a bundling of forces incorporating the shipping agent operations (ship cargo) of both companies, emphasizing shipping traffic towards Northern Europe. In the years that followed, VCK’s activities expanded to include expediting and ship loading and unloading. VCK was involved in the early roll-on/roll-off ferry traffic between Amsterdam and Northern Europe.

Logistics and travel in the 1950s

VCK acted rapidly when airlines took off in the 1950s. VCK acquired IATA licenses at an early stage and began to operate as a business travel agent (now VCK Travel) and air cargo forwarding agent (now VCK Logistics Airfreight). The company made a name for itself in aircraft processing at Schiphol Airport through Aero Groundservices, which evolved into the main independent handling company at the airport. The company also entered the flying airline holiday market with Evenements Reizen in the 1960s – which turned out to be an enormous growth market.

At the start of this century, the VCK Group realized that, since the air cargo industry has matured, it was better to focus on a limited number of key activities. This led to an important strategic change. Acquisitions strengthened our position in port services, cargo shipping and business travel and Aero Groundservices and Evenements Reizen were divested.

Further growth after 2000

The covered port company Waterland Terminal (an all-weather terminal) improved VCK’s proposition in the port of Amsterdam. The subsequent acquisition of All-in Logistics (the Netherlands) and ComPass (Germany and Switzerland) meant that the VCK Group acquired a leading position in the market for supply chain solutions, an excellent addition to the group’s shipping agent operations. VCK Travel conquered a leading position on the Dutch business travel market through acquisitions and autonomous growth.


Due to the lack of successors in the H.I. Möller family, which was involved from the start and became the eventual owner, the VCK Group was embedded in a foundation structure guaranteeing the company’s independence, autonomy and health.

The VCK Group is proud of its customers, employees, suppliers, services, history and entrepreneurship that drives a family business. Our company attaches great value to continuity and we focus on the long term. Our concern revolves around our customers and their ambitions – we are totally customer-driven. The power of our global network means that we can provide services efficiently and share and expand our knowledge and experience. It is our way of working on innovative entrepreneurship With two brand names for our company, we want to show that we are a strong internationally oriented company on the logistics and business travel markets.