VCK group EN

Operating with respect to man and the environment

The VCK Group’s decentralized organization aims to stimulate entrepreneurship and a personal customer approach. Mutual trust is a crucial value. The organization considers the continuity of its companies vital, even if this affects profitability in the short term.

VCK aims to be a popular employer with a good reputation in the field of safety, mutual trust, caring for and devoting attention to employees and their personal interests and preferences. The group is equally aware of its social responsibility and, in addition to complying with laws and regulations, wishes to take current social standards and values into account. We can only gain trust by acting professionally and with integrity.

The VCK Group’s standards and values have been incorporated into a code of conduct. It applies to the VCK Group, its subsidiaries and every individual employee. The management of the VCK Group and its companies are expected to ensure that employees are aware of the code of conduct and that it is translated to specific conditions. Please e-mail for a copy of the code of conduct.