Growing with a mission and philosophy
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Growing with a mission and philosophy


With our operations in logistics and travel, we want to realize leading market positions and long-term customer relationships. To this end we offer innovative and high-quality services in select market segments. We support our customers’ primary processes by providing the right logistics and business travel services. At the right time, at competitive prices and in a way that makes processes as simple and manageable as possible. Our philosophy contributes significantly to realizing our mission.


The family business is at the heart of the VCK Group. Its emergence and growth are linked to companies established by families. The hallmarks of family businesses, such as decisiveness, involvement, creativity and commitment to customers and employees, flow through the ‘veins’ of our group companies. We cherish these hallmarks and combine them with modern professionalism. The result is a unique company. Decisiveness and involvement mean that services are provided without feinting and distractions. Creativity and commitment to customers and employees lead to the best service imaginable and mutual respect. Integrity and loyalty are important values to the VCK Group.

Integrity in the sense of honest and straightforward, open and transparent about the company and its relationships with customers. Being loyal means making an effort on behalf of the job, the company, its development and its customers. Taking pleasure in your work is another aspect important to us. Excellent performance is vital in competitive and ever changing markets. As with sports, pleasure and trust are among the main drivers in achieving a top performance.

We, the VCK Group, want to continue growing on the basis of our mission and philosophy. We want this for our business partners, our employees and the wellbeing of the community in which we live and work.